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About Us


The SIEMAT was established in the state to support the educational planning ,management, conduct research and evaluation studies and to provide professional support through various capacity building programmes. It has been established in compliance of G.O. Anubhag71 (Basic) Letter No.492/xxiv (1)/2005 Dated 25 September 2005 and is functioning  as an apex Institute in the area of educational planning ,management research-evaluation, counseling and capacity building of educational planners, administrators.

A backdrop:-

The DPEP provided a provision to set up a separate institute for education planning and management at the state level. Some states like UP established SIEMAT which has been located in Allahabad. The decentralized approach of planning and management calls for strengthening of the systems at district, sub-district and even at the village level.The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan took up this major DPEP initiative of setting-up of SIEMATs further and made a provision of one time grant of Rs.3 Crores to ensure infrastructure mainly building.

It is in this background, the State Institute of Educational Management and Training(SIEMAT) Uttarakhand has also been established in the State of Uttarakhand which is approximately 3 kms from railway station.






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Shri Rakesh Kumar Kunwar


  • To impart quality trainning to the educational administrators and functionaries.
  • To provide research based feedback and policy suggestions for the formation, revision and enrichment of education policy.
  • To help in planning and management of projects with mission mode programmes such as the SSA and  Rashtriya Madhmik Shiksha Abhiyan.
  • To provide carrier counseling and short term carrier development programmes for educational administrators.


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