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Calendar of Activities


A Proposed Programme for 2021-22

अकादमिक शोध एवं प्रशिक्षण उत्तराखंड द्वारा वर्ष 2021-22 के लिए शैक्षिक गुणवत्ता सवर्धन वार्षिक कैलेंडर 

महानिदेशक पत्र

वैकल्पिक अकादमिक कलेंडर (उच्च प्राथमिक)

वैकल्पिक अकादमिक कलेंडर ( प्राथमिक)

Proposed Programme for 2018-19

A Proposed Programme for 2017-18

Calendar of SLA


  • To impart quality trainning to the educational administrators and functionaries.
  • To provide research based feedback and policy suggestions for the formation, revision and enrichment of education policy.
  • To help in planning and management of projects with mission mode programmes such as the SSA and  Rashtriya Madhmik Shiksha Abhiyan.
  • To provide carrier counseling and short term carrier development programmes for educational administrators.


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